Ceramic Chef Knives- Benefits of Best Chef Knives for Your Kitchen

Ceramic Chef Knives

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits.

Ceramic Chef Knives-benefits are more than you think. When you think of ceramic you think of pottery or tiles and you visualize the same thing for the knives.  Ceramic knives are made of  a very hard and tough zirconium dioxide ceramic and fired at an intense heat. The blade is sharpened on a grinding wheel that is coated in a diamond-dust, till razor sharp.

On the scale of mineral hardness  Zirconia is 8.5  while a normal steel is 4.5, hardened  steel is between 7.5 to 8 and the diamond is a 10. The hardness of the knife means that it stays sharp for a lot longer than normal knives.

Zirconium dioxide Advantages:

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits.
Zirconium dioxide

Excellent wear properties

Stable flexural strength

Very fine particle size

Because of the sharpness of a ceramic chef knife it is used by many well know chefs such as Celebrity Eco Chef  Bryan Au who now  has his own special Signature Series of RAW STAR Ceramic Knives. He is an Organic raw food chef, and has written cookbooks.

Bundle Monster Complete Series – 9 piece Ceramic Cutlery Knives Set (6″ Chef’s, 6″ Santoku, 4″ Utility, 3″ Paring, and 1 Peeler) White Knife Blade and Sheath

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits.

Sharon Franke from Good Housekeeping already had a Victorinox ceramic knife and had this to say about  Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits “That it was ‘fun’ to work with. She tests cooking equipment from spoons to high end electric equipment and says  the knife is lightweight, sharp, smooth and thin, that made it glide through food.

The ceramic chef knife is durable.  The weight is well distributed which gives you more control over the knife. They are impervious to rust and specialized tools for the cutting and peeling of vegetables and fruit especially soft fruit such as figs.

Because of their sharpness and because they are less porous than steel they do not have the corrosion reaction steel knives have. The are not affected by substances such as salts, acids and juices and therefore do not change the taste of foods.

The ceramic chef knife keeps its sharpness for longer than metal knives and thus last longer. Frequent sharping of knives reduce the size over time and can cause chips if the metal is too thin. Steel knives tend show their age from long term use, the ceramic chef knives however keep their good appearance for their live time.

Ceramic Chef Knives- Benefits.

They do not rust.

They do not make the food go brown so the food is fresher for longer.

They stay sharper for much longer than steel knives.

They can cut vegetables and fruit much thinner.

Acids and juices do not effect the ceramic.

They do not bruise soft fruit and vegetables.

They do not leave a metal taste on foods like metal knives do.

If this is what you want from a knife the ceramic knife is the way to go.

Ceramic Knives with Block- 5 Piece Cutlery Set By Good Cooking (Red Handles)

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits.

 Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits. Dalstrong Infinity Blade.

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits. Dalstrong Infinity Blade.



I love getting more for my money and the added bonus of 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. It is twice as sharp as steel. The Dalstrong Infinity Blade holds it’s hand-polished edge up to 15 TIMES longer than steel and does not cause browning, leave metallic tastes, or absorb oils and acids. It comes in a gift box. There is so much more to ceramics than meets the eye.

MoiChef 8-Piece Premium Ceramic Knives Set with White Sheaths in Gift Box

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits. MoiChef 8-Piece Premium Ceramic Knives Set with White Sheaths in Gift Box





Pure Komachi 2 Series 8″ Chef’s Knife, Fuchsia

Ceramic Chef Knives-Benefits. Pure Komachi 2 Series 8" Chef's Knife, Fuchsia


This is a multipurpose 8-inch chef’s knife, and is ideal for slicing, chopping, and mincing. The color is made by bonding food-safe, FDA-approved resin, to the stainless-steel blade. The non-stick resin coating, resists corrosion, makes cleaning simple, and helps the blade glide through food with ease.

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