Rachael is a coach and healer using intuition as her main modality. Dedicated to guiding people to their authentic selves, the transition process is a fun and expansive journey. Rachael teaches internationally and is passionate about inspiring people to cultivate an expanded state of consciousness connecting them to their true selves. Her belief is simple, ‘we are spiritual beings having a human experience’ and with intuition guiding us through life the whole journey is just so much more loving and fun.

Rachael teaches towards love and grace with her clients. She shares her own story and shows the rewards she took when she began to listen to her intuition, that awakened her to an authentic spiritual and emotional connection.


Welcome to my world where I want to share my LOVE of plant based cuisine and healthy living with you! I am Rachael Campbell.

I am a graduate of the Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy, a certified Raw Food Chef. I am passionate about eating, exercise and just living life! Whether you’re new to my life journey or you’ve been connecting with me for a while through rachaelcampbell.com I want to guide you on your journey to wellness.

Rachael’s Raw Food is a growing community of health conscious people who love and appreciate the beauty of plant based foods. My mission is for you to be able to enjoy tasty recipes from amazing chef’s and food lover’s from all over the world. My vision is for rachaelsrawfood.com is to share the love of plant based cuisine with the world.

I am enthusiastic about healthy foods that nourish us the way nature intended; food that is clean, pure, full of energy and breathes life into our bodies. I am passionate about health and the relationship between what I eat and how I feel, physically and emotionally. I eat foods that are alive and full of the nutrition that gives me the strength and motivation to exercise my body in ways that I love.

I am also passionate about helping you to discover the foods that make your body and spirit sing, just as I have done. Everyone’s body is different in shape and size, on all levels, right down to our cellular makeup. What best sustains my body may not be exactly what is best for yours. But one thing that all of our bodies have in common is the absolute need for food that is full of life-giving nutrients and free of those chemicals, additives and other substances that deplete our physical and spiritual energy.

What put me on the path to health and set me free?

Throughout my childhood, I didn’t feel right in my body. I carried extra weight and became self-conscious of my body image. When we don’t feel comfortable in our skin, this uneasiness spills over into every other aspect of our lives. I have an intolerance to gluten, so I avoid foods that contain gluten, in order to feel and look the most vibrant and alive.

When we cherish our body first, and learn to feed it the food that it intuitively craves, instead of fighting it or becoming angry with it for not looking the way we want it to, our body naturally comes to a place of balance.

When I had just turned 21, my father Terry, who was my mentor and a man that I loved dearly, passed away of stomach cancer. He was a workaholic and led a stressful life, often coping with this stress by indulging in convenient, unhealthy foods like Snickers and Diet Coke. This event opened my eyes to how important it is to live a balanced life: eating healthy food, exercising, working, relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends.

Life is a journey. It is about being patient and learning by taking one step at a time. A healthy and happy life is also about how we think, act and feel, as our thoughts and actions positively (or negatively!) have impacts upon our wellbeing.

My personal experiences have set me on my path to swear off refined sugars and processed foods, and to find foods that fuel my mind, body and spirit. It’s been life changing eating foods that make my body feel good and give me amazing energy.

I invite you to experience the vitality that I have found, by celebrating what is good about eating healthily and living a balanced life with daily exercise. What I have found for myself, I want for you!

Please note, all recipes at Rachael’s Raw Food are plant-based, gluten free, wheat free, refined sugar free, dairy free and vegetarian and some recipes are cooked and do contain raw honey.

Not all eBook’s that are sold on this website are gluten free and vegetarian, so if you have any allergies, intolerance’s or eating restrictions please check eBook’s before purchase. I share eBook’s from inspiring people from all over the world that I personally feel have amazing recipes and have a beautiful story, no matter what type of eating plan they recommend.

I believe food is your medicine, my guidance around food comes intuitively. I feel it’s about learning to listen to your body, feeding your body the goodness it deserves and exactly what it’s asking for. Our bodies need variety, this is where it’s important to trust what your intuition is telling you.

I recommend eating organic produce whenever possible. Though the recipes don’t state whether the ingredients are organic or non-organic, I believe that organic produce does benefit your health.

Thank you so much to all the beautiful people contributing their recipes and for sharing their amazing eBooks, we are all so fortunate to be surrounded by so many incredibly talented people. If you would like to share one of your beautiful recipes, eBooks, programs or products, please feel free to submit a recipe or email us we look forward too hearing from you.